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2004-07-05 - 6:24 a.m.

February 12th? Is that really the last time we updated our diary? Damn that's pathetic. It also reflects how busy the Heidster and I have been. What on Earth have we been doing in all this time?

Alright, the recap:

1. Hospital life as an intern: early mornings, lots of rectal exams, cups of coffee, and drug-seeking patients

2. Had some serious moments of dispair in February when I thought I would jump off the roof of the hospital while covering an inhumane number of patients, convinced that I am a horrible doctor

3. Spent an amazing week in southern Spain in March

** Recap within a recap:

a. Stayed on a farm in Ronda owned by a cheery British couple and inhabited by a managerie of stray animals

b. Amazing tapas and drinking in inviting Sevilla

c. Flamenco dancing and driving in circles through the tiny winding streets of Cordoba

d. Drank Moroccan tea and were awed by the architecture of the Alhambra in Granada

e. Frolicked on the beach on the Costa del Sol

f. Consumed a ridiculous amount of homemade sherry from huge casks in Malaga (chased by fresh seafood)

4. Margalit "Mali" Ruth Weitzman, our beautiful niece was born on Leap Year day, two days after Heidi and I left for Spain, meaning that we not only missed Amy and Moshe's wedding while in Europe, but missed the birth of their first child while in Europe once again. Mali becomes a valuable distraction for Heidi while I am at the hospital.

5. Brian and Tarina's wedding was in DC and our trip was our first time in the nation's fine capitol (we were inspired by the FDR monument, not so moved by the new WWII monument, impressed by the Jefferson monument, felt patriotic seeing the Lincoln monument, moved by the Vietnam war monument, and really liked the subway system).

6. I became desperately confused with the direction of my future: Came into residency thinking Infectious Disease and curing HIV. Then thought about money and considered the big bucks of Gastroenterology. Realized that I don't want to stick cameras in people's butts the rest of my life and although I like GI, am not really wowed by it. Considering my interest in patient interactions, coupled with my interest in International medicine, complimentary medicine and public health, I decided to do the Primary Care tract in Internal Medicine. Janet Gerberding, head of the CDC (and seen a lot on CSPAN) spent several days at our hospital and gave several lectures, inspiring me to consider the CDC and a fellowship there in Atlanta. Realized that I'm not so intersted in living in Atlanta. Reconsidered Atlanta, thinking of the fat pad we could buy. Now considering Infectious Disease again. AHHH!

7. Finished my internship year. I felt as if there should have been a movie soundtrack playing, people cheering and a slow motion effect as I strutted out of the hospital that fine sunny day.

8. Spent one week in the Bay Area visiting my family (after a year without seeing them). Did lots of wine tasting. Wandered through the redwoods of Muir Woods. Went to a family reunion- I'm 1/16 Cherokee! Trips to Berkeley and Oakland. Wondered why I ever left California.

9. Started my Junior year of Residency on night float, admitting patients to the hospital between 8:30PM and 7:00AM for ELEVEN nights. Yeah, my life still sucks.

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